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09/13/2016 :

The Post BBQ GameJam Release has new arts.

You can split yourself in smaller fish (Right Click) and now you can call the smaller fish around you (Left Click)

A game made in less than 24h during the 2016 BBQ GameJam in Esch sur Alzette.

In this part of the sea, there is 5 kind of fish.

Each familly wants to rule the sea.

Eat fish not bigger than you to grow up. But be carefull, you'll slow down while you grow.

In case of emmergency, right click to separate a fish. You'll be faster and the fish will help you.

Controls :

Mouse to move the fish

Right click to split

Credits :

The team was composed of :

Cyrille - Developper

Special Thanks :

Arts are from http://www.kenney.nl/ (thank you man, you rock !! )

Music is from http://www.kenney.nl/ too

Install instructions

Download the file, unzip it, launch BBQ_2016.exe and enjoy


EatEmAll_BBQEdition 1 MB
ReleasePostBBQGameJam.zip 3 MB

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