Build 0.1.6

What's new in this build ?

improve : 

  • tileset, for exterior by night has a better palette
  • when you read a info sign or talk to someone, the time is stopped,the dialog box has been remade, it could show several "pages", you can speed up the display and the control are shown on it

add :

  • a new level : 7
  • an old merchant is hidden somewhere with a surprise for you
  • the surprise : a new hability (can't tell it there ;) )
  • light source through the windows

fix :

  • triggers are now triggered correctly
  • walking to the left on the green slime shouldn't block the dwarf anymore

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Version Sep 08, 2017 41 MB
Version Sep 08, 2017 40 MB
Version Sep 08, 2017

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