Build 0.1.4


What can be found in this build : 

  • add : a new level 
  • add : you can now choose your language in the settings (only English and French for the moment)
  • add : a new mode : "Daily Dungeon"
  • add : Now the candle melt on the helmet : you have a feedback of the lifespan of the candle
  • fix : the collision of projectiles on the helmet were not correctly handled
  • fix : some issues when pushing a box (collision and interaction)
  • fix : after death, the decorration candles were placed on random places
  • fix : sound position was messy, it seems to be way better now
  • fix : added some sounds (droplets, pick coin, toss candle, step, death, fall)

What's the daily dungeon ?

Each day, a new random Dungeon will appear. You have one (and only one) try to defeat it.
As soon as you enter the Daily Dungeon you have to finish it : if you dismiss, quit, your chance will be over.
The restart and fast restart option are disabled in this mode.

Let me know what you think about this, and come test the Daily Dungeon.

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Version Aug 11, 2017

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