Build 0.1.3

What's new in the last build ?

I've added new section in the procgen mode, it means more content, more challenges !
Now when a fireball or an arrow hit something, there is a small visual effect as when Ruggnar picks a power-up.

When Ruggnar is not up to date, or if there is no internet connection, there is a message on the level selection screen.
What message ? With an outdated version, you can't access online leaderboard (or the upcomming Daily Challenge), and withour Internet, you can't send your scores online.

The hazards now have a predictable behavior, and the skull on the spiked-block is now visible through darkness.

I've updated the tileset to have something less "blocky" with closed walls.

Let me know what you think about these adds.

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Version Jul 06, 2017 148 MB
Version Jul 06, 2017 157 MB
Version Jul 06, 2017

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