New build for the early access

Ruggnar is in Early-Access for a full week now, at 4.24€ during the early access (full price : 4.99€).

Today, I've uploaded a new build.

You'll find in it : 

  • 1 new level (level 3)
  • new elements : 
    • a slime to slow the dwarf
    • a Sewer grid
    • a spiked ball
    • a pipe with dripping water drops (don't put your candle under the droplet)
  • a fast restart button : Press L1 button to restart (without warning) for speedrun retry
  • a fast restart key : Press DEL key to restart (without warning) for speedrun retry

Files 7 MB
Jun 23, 2017 21 MB
Jun 23, 2017 22 MB
Jun 23, 2017

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