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It's been a while since my last devlog !

I'll mostly talk about the latest and biggest (trust me) additions.

But before that, let me introduce you The MineCart Ride

Because I loved those levels back in the days, I wanted to do mine.

Ok, let's talk about the first big addition : The RogueLite Mode

As you may know, in Ruggnar I have a ProcGen Mode. This mode evolves continuously.
Based on this mode, I've added the RogueLite mode with simple rules : 

  • Enter a Seed to replay the same castle
  • 10 floors to clean
  • One life only
  • Death is permanent
  • A shop between each floors

Of course, thise mode may still be modified but I found it fun to play and thanks to it, I discover another part of my game.

The second addition, maybe the biggest so far, is The Tournament Mode

When the RogueLite mode went live, I found players doing a little tournament on their side, sharing the seed of the castle, and screenshot to prove their scores.
So I created a complete UI to deal with the management of the tournaments : 

  • Creation of a tournament, either public or password protected
  • Seed user defined or randomly chosen
  • Duration
  • RogueLite mode
  • Checkpoint available
  • Number of attemps
  • Number of floors to clean
  • Shop available between floors

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