Build 0.2.0

Hello everyone !

Big step in the development of Ruggnar!

I want to share the changelog with you : 

  • What's fixed ?
  • the bubble on the head of Ruggnar was not always on the right place
  • the minion was unable to light the firecamp
  • when switching language, some text were not translated
  • you can't move while controlling the minion anymore
  • the collision area of the spiked ball has been reduced
  • when you walk on a slope, Ruggnar has a better animation

What's imrpoved ?

  • some UI elements have been completely redrawn
  • the font has been changed for better readability
  • the procgen mode is completely new. More sections, better levels. Give it a try !
  • the movable platform have a better handling system, more controls, more possibilities 

What's new ?

  • now Ruggnar can walk through open doors to go somewhere
  • a new level : 10 and in this level, you'll find the former tenant
  • Ruggnar, when idle, has 2 new animations
  • Some triggers now have a timer (no visible timer for the moment)
  • When you crouch and press the jump button on a platform, you can go through the platform

You can see a level generated, test this mode and tell me what you think about it!

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Version Nov 25, 2017

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