Build 0.1.7 and a birthday

Hello everyone !

What's new in this build ?
Mostly bug fixes. 
But you'll hear a new tracks, made by Camilla Collet and you'll find some small informations in the Credits page.

I'm preparing some new hazards, and revamping some.
Level 9 is almost done, still one to go to complete the first world.

The shop, to buy things with your collected gold coins, will be the last step before starting the World 2 and landing on Steam.
As a reminder : your purchase on Itch grant you access to a Steam key (as soon as available)

If you have any idea, found a bug or just want to leave a comment, contact me here, on Twitter or on Facebook

Last but not least : Ruggnar hits a new milestone.
The first line of code has been written one year ago. I'd like to thank you, who are following me, who've bought Ruggnar, who give me some advice.

Thank You !

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Version Sep 26, 2017

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