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I like the character and the intentional darkness in combination with the torch mechanic. I guess the menu UI / Map is still a placeholder, but aside from that it already has a solid graphics style. The only things that bothered me was that you lose all coins on death and you can't use the same savegame candle to save your coin progress again. I would rather not loose coin progress when dying, because the darkness and amount of traps already makes it challenging enough to reach the end of the level.

Really nice game. I love the art but I´m the worst on speed running :)

Thank you, the first players made some really great times, that's true !

Such a wonderful concept - I really love these first few levels!

Thank you very much :) I'll do my best to add more content on a weekly basis

Love the concept and pixel art.

Can't wait to see the completed game!

Thank you very much !

Soon, I'll open the early access

That's it, the game is in early access, you'll find more content than in the demo.

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I can't wait to see more dark levels. :) I've had fun playing. Okey, and I also died quite a bit. It's like a trademark.