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Ruggnar is a platformer in which you are in gloomy places, with your candles to light your way to the treasure.

Ruggnar, the dwarf, left behind his former life as a miner to explore lost castle to find some treasure.

He has, for only possession, some candles. They're everything for him :
They allow Ruggnar to see around him
He can throw a candle to light further (he can pick it up)
He can use them to solve some puzzles (coming soon)

You can play Ruggnar in many ways :
Take your time to explore and find every treasure
Just speedrun to the treasure
Speedrun and collect 100% of the treasure
And if you dare, don't use any candle (neither recharge nor throw)

You can play Proceduraly Generated levels too if you want to challenge yourself (and keep or share the code of your session)

Here is a list of things presents and to come :
A map to select your level
3 hand made levels in the demo (at least 24 in different envirronment planned)
Some hazards (more to come)
A place to trade your coins against special candles (soon)
Some bonus (more to come)
Unlockable habilities (like double jump) (soon)
Online LeaderBoard (soon)
Daily Challenge (soon)

Ruggnar is in active developpment. Some Core mechanics are implemented.

The game is playable on Windows, macOS and Linux either with the keyboard, or a gamepad.

GamePad :

  • Stick or Pad - move
  • A - Jump
  • B - Action (open chest, pick a previously thrown candle)
  • X - Throw (press to take a candle, aim, release)
  • Y - Change candle on helmet

Keyboard :

  • Arrow - move
  • Space - Jump
  • E - Action (open chest, pick a previously thrown candle)
  • R - Change candle on helmet
  • T - Throw (press to take a candle, aim, release)


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Ruggnar_V0.0.8_win.zip 7 MB

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